Cisco Nexus 1000v increase svs max-ports

Today I was working on a problem with the Nexus 1000v. The switch reached the port count above 8192, and we got the error:

The numPorts value: <xxxx> in spec exceeded maxPorts 8192

The solution was to change the default max numPorts from 8192 to 30000. The 30000 value is also the one mentioned in the Configuration Maxium document: vsp_41_config_max.pdf.

Maximum ports
VMware vCenter 4.0 max ports per DVS = 8192
VMware vCenter 4.1 max ports per DVS = 20,000
VMware vCenter 5.0 max ports per DVS = 30,000
Nexus 1000v maximum veth ports = 2048

My question was does changing the max-ports have impact, the answer is: It has no impact.

This is what I did:

conf t
svs connection VCenter
max-ports 30000


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