Nexus 4000

For one of our clients we manage a few Cisco Nexus 4000 (or NX4K for short). These bladeswitches are part of an IBM H-Cluster where 2 of these switches are seated on the backplane. It provides the serverblades for redundant access to the rest of the network.

Our customer needed to expand their serverfarm so they’ve ordered a new IBM Bladecenter. Luckily we have IP Console access to all Core devices of their network, just in case. Upon installation and correct patching we could stage the switch remotely (from our lazy desk instead of a cold and noisy datacenter)

When the switches are power-up the first thing you will notice when you logon via the console is a username and password!!? Mhhh, forgot to read something? Well you’re probably a guy and we do not read manuals before getting things done. Here it is. The default username is USERID (in capital) and the default password is  PASSW0RD (in capital and a zero instead of O).

To be continued…


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