Restore remote access to Cisco switch or router via SNMP RW

Here’s a quick solution when you need to restore remote telnet or SSH access to a Cisco switch or router without having to reload the device with certain impact to the business. This procedure uses the SNMP CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB installed on a typical Cisco device.
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Cisco implements EEM in ASA

Cisco has finally implemented EEM in the ASA as of version 9.2(1).
The implementation is similar to the Cisco IOS EEM, but is currently only supported in single context mode.
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Automatic backup to TFTP using EEM

We’ve been covering a few EEM articles already, but I have to share this – not too fancy, but great – EEM script.
In my current job I’m doing a small project on updating network hardware en implementing network re-design altogether. Basically I have to think of everything to ensure a smooth technical migration. Sometimes you tend to forget to most basic things like having a good backup of your configuration after a migration. Changing stuff on the fly will let you forget to write back the newest configuration.
Also with a new FCAPS environment not in place yet I had to think of a temporary solution to overcome this “basic” problem: How to automatic backup the running configuration after a change has been made. Either via console access or remote vty access.
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Use EEM Part 1 – Syslog and EEM

The following example shows a basic EEM Script to model your own network management.
But first let’s ask ourselves the question “Why change anything to network management from a device point-of-view?”

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