Restore remote access to Cisco switch or router via SNMP RW

Here’s a quick solution when you need to restore remote telnet or SSH access to a Cisco switch or router without having to reload the device with certain impact to the business. This procedure uses the SNMP CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB installed on a typical Cisco device.
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Automatic backup to TFTP using EEM

We’ve been covering a few EEM articles already, but I have to share this – not too fancy, but great – EEM script.
In my current job I’m doing a small project on updating network hardware en implementing network re-design altogether. Basically I have to think of everything to ensure a smooth technical migration. Sometimes you tend to forget to most basic things like having a good backup of your configuration after a migration. Changing stuff on the fly will let you forget to write back the newest configuration.
Also with a new FCAPS environment not in place yet I had to think of a temporary solution to overcome this “basic” problem: How to automatic backup the running configuration after a change has been made. Either via console access or remote vty access.
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Use EEM Part 1 – Syslog and EEM

The following example shows a basic EEM Script to model your own network management.
But first let’s ask ourselves the question “Why change anything to network management from a device point-of-view?”

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